Qualifying Applicants

Wilsterman Scholarships are available to Genesee County students who have graduated from a public high school within Genesee County, Michigan or Luke M. Powers Catholic High School. Applications can be submitted for support in any of the six years following the year of graduation from high school. Unlike typical scholarships, GPA is not a controlling factor. The Wilsterman Foundation is interested first and foremost in finding students who have great potential but may have struggled in high school due to extenuating circumstances such as work, family issues, setbacks or even “late blooming”. Extra-curricular and community service activities are also heavily considered, all with a focus on the student's character, financial need, and potential.

The Wilsterman Foundation is currently offering scholarships up to a maximum of $5,000 per year which can be received for up to four years. Awards are made at the sole and absolute discretion of the Advisory Board.

Application Instructions

Please read these instructions carefully before continuing!
Please only use Adobe Acrobat Reader to fill out the application!

Please keep in mind that the deadline to turn in an application will be March 15th, 2021. In order to apply for a Wilsterman Scholarship, please download and fill out these PDFs. Although the file will open in a new tab by simply clicking it, *DO NOT* fill it out on your internet browser! You will need to download the file by clicking the download arrow in the top right of the screen in order to be able to save your progress and send us back a completed form. Please save the file with a new name in a place on your computer that will be easy for you to remember and find.


After saving to your computer you will be able to open the files in Adobe Reader and begin filling them out. You must use Adobe to fill out the Main Application, as it was created in Adobe and certain aspects of the form will not work in a different program. Please remember to save your progress as you go and save your application once you have completed it, before emailing us the form, to ensure we get the completed version. Some students have had difficulty with saving their forms, if you need any help please do not hesitate to reach out to us at admin@wilsterman.org. We are here to help!


After completed, this form will be emailed to apply@wilsterman.org with your high school transcript, college transcript if applicable, and any letters of recommendation you have received.

If you are having trouble downloading or filling out these forms you may need to download Adobe Reader. If you do not have Adobe Reader, please visit the following link to download it for free:

If you are still somewhat unsure after reading these instructions, please watch this brief instructional video on downloading and filling out the main application (play and make full-screen):

Main Application

Letters of Recommendation and Work Evaluation

Please include with your application a statement from one or more of your teachers, guidance counselors, school administrators, non-family clergy, employers or volunteer organization staff briefly stating why you would be a good prospect for success in post secondary college or trade school. This may be satisfied by submitting a Letter of Recommendation and/or an Applicant Work Evaluation but additional statements may be obtained and may increase your chances of receiving a grant. The forms provided here do not necessarily need to be used if you have already obtained letters of recommendation which fulfill the above stated criteria. Many students simply send in a written statement printed on the stationary of the person from whom they are receiving the recommendation, which is completely fine.


Both of these forms are available in a "Fillable" version which you can simply e-mail to the applicable person for them to fill out and send back to you, or a "Print" version which you can print out and have them complete and then scan and return it to us that way. If you choose the "Fillable" form and the individual you sent it to is having problems, they may need to download Adobe Reader.

After you have completed the forms please e-mail them to us at: apply@wilsterman.org. Simply attach the Main Application, any Letters of Recommendation and Work Evaluations you have gathered, your *most current complete high school transcript*, and any college transcripts that you have. The deadline by which you must send in your application to be reviewed will be March 15th, 2021.

Thank you! If you need any help with this process or have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to us at admin@wilsterman.org

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